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Macaron Wedding Cakes & Favours

Macaron Wedding Cakes

Have you thought about having a macaron wedding cake as a stylish centerpiece as an alternative to a traditional tiered wedding cake? Imagine the delight of your guests and whoops of joy when they see an impressive 10 tier tower of the most beautiful macarons, complementing your colours and theme, surrounded by your gorgeous flowers, creating a visual masterpiece.
If you love both cake and macarons and are finding it hard to choose, why not have both? It doesn’t have to be an either/or decision! Smaller towers, consisting of four or six tiers, will look stunning next to your styled wedding cake and create a mouthwatering dessert table that your guests will adore.

Wedding Favours

If you prefer, macarons can also be presented in individual boxes for your guests as wedding favours, an exquisite treat for them to enjoy during your special day. The best things come in small packages as they say!
The French macaron is the most delicate, delightful patisserie bite and is revered the world over. They have a crisp exterior and a deliciously soft chewy centre, bursting with the most generously filled indulgent flavours, creating a sense of occasion and emotion.
Macarons can be made in various colours and flavours to complement your special day and are naturally gluten free. The most popular flavours are included below for you to choose from or if you have a particular flavour you’d like, just let me know.
They are: salted caramel, raspberry and ruby chocolate, pistachio, mango, passion fruit and milk chocolate, double chocolate, peach and lemon thyme, coffee, lemon and lime, blueberry and lemon, blackberry, cardamom rose and white chocolate and chai latte.

“ Absolutely THE best macarons!!

A crisp and crunchy shell with a soft gooey centre beautifully made and all identical in size. The various flavours of the smooth creamy fillings are delicious and match the delicate colouring of the shells.

I received a beautifully packaged box for my birthday and am now trying to think of an occasion to celebrate as I don’t think I can wait until next year to order some more!”

Mrs C Baines – Orpington